A Fantastic Week in Review

For the Clive Family


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Caitlin’s Getting Married

Last Sunday my sister, Caitlin, got engaged to a guy she has been raving about for months. I have yet to get to know him, but from all the great things I hear about him through family members who have and from Facebook stalking him I get great vibes. Solid, upstanding, maybe a little soft-spoken guy who appears to have the qualities we always knew would be complementary to Caitlin’s. October 15th. Salt Lake City temple - the family favorite.

Kuan Raised the Bar

On Wednesday my youngest brother, Kuan Yew, owned the DAT. I was so inspired by his performance I couldn’t sleep until three hours later than I normally do. It just kept running around my mind thinking about how I can apply more perseverance to my own life. I wrote this facebook post about it and it went viral,

Perseverance pays off, ladies and gentlemen. We are the authors of our fate. My brother Kuan-Yew Clive was the only one of the seven of us siblings to get rejected by BYU. He eventually transferred in and became the only one of us to earn full ride scholarship. Now, after joining us here in Philly two months where he has no distractions and after studying 6 days a week all day (true to his Singaporean identity) he just scored in the 95th percentile on the DAT. The best dental schools accept, on average, that or below.

The Gender Revealed

On Thursday we discovered the gender of our baby! It was a lot to take in because I do not use mental energies unnecessarily and since the gender of our baby isn’t determined by our choice I haven’t chosen to spend much time thinking through the future implications of having a second boy versus having a girl. When finding out it is a girl I had a strong feeling that still fills me with powerful emotion that I should become a better man. Something about having a girl gives me a sense of duty to give her the an exceptional dad. Another thing that makes me grateful about all this is that our home will be so much more balanced giving Lincoln a little sister as opposed to the partner in crime brothers typically become - or in my case growing up - the little monkey that will entertain you with any tricks you want of them.

Jaw-Dropping Discovery: Lincoln’s Adult Height Projections

Yesterday, seeing that Lincoln’s four-year-old onesies are now skin tight around his two-year-old body, I decided to look up his adult height estimates (using the handy babycenter app). Based on Lincoln’s current size he has a 50% chance of being 6’6” when he’s 18 years old and there’s a 90% chance he will be between 6’4” and 6’8”! Looked at more personally, he is 90% likely to have at least 3” on his old man (and 7” on his mom). Wow. I guess I need to get into Basketball and Volleyball now. What else does this mean for me? It prompted me to post the Quora question “My son has a 90% chance of being between 6’4” and 6’8”. How should I factor that into my parenting?.” I look forward to the answers.

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