Aiming High for Fullstack Academy

The "MIT of coding bootcamps"


Category: Web Development

Discovering Fullstack Academy

In the midst of this explosion of coding resources we’re seeing these days there is the school Fullstack Academy. I found out about it last February and decided I would shoot for it. I learned about their strategy for graduating distinguished web developers by accepting only 10% of their applicants who can meet their high technical standards and also who, they deem, will contribute to a vibrant and passionate community. I loved the sound of that, but couldn’t set my heart too strongly on the idea. The odds were against me.

Moving Full Speed Ahead

I learned later that their pre-course work essentially required of me to become a hirable junior javascript developer. Demanding their students get to that level before their classes even start validated to me that this school isn’t kidding around - and forced me to get a whole lot more serious about coding. Early on I discovered my fellow applicants pretty much all had more coding experience than I and were simply faster learners. Fan and I had no other option but to cancel all summer vacations - a week in Boston and New Hampshire I had planned for months and a week of hiking the Appalachian Trail with my bro. I spent the last two months working overtime Monday through Saturday preparing for their admissions test and had to be a “minimally viable husband/father”. This whole summer I have been at the limit of my capabilities.

My Test Results

I took the test last week… It was just as I expected. Beyond me. I was sure that I failed it. I was honestly kind of a relieved, though, because I had my doubts about whether I was a good fit for Fullstack.

A few days later I got the email. I barely passed. I’m proud of my progress. (I’m terrified of the next 7 months, too!) From September to the end of March I’ll be spending half of every week in New York to attend classes, half at home in Philly. Fan is due in November and there’s the very real possibility I could miss the birth of our daughter(!). We are hoping so badly that does not happen but it’s a risk we have to take. We are serious about my career pivot to coding.

Good news to anyone who is equally determined to make the career switch to web development: Fullstack Academy now offers online cohorts! It’s rated a top coding school and sometimes the top school. To anyone interested in getting in, feel free to reach out to me. I’ll be glad to coach you on getting in.

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