Most Hilarious (And Convincing) Gary Johnson Promotion

Privately Done By Balanced Rebellion


Category: Liberty

Today on Facebook:

“This may be the only video about the ridiculous debacle we are in that DOESN’T leave you feeling terrible. After thinking for months about ways to reach people about supporting Gary Johnson, I think this video may be the best. SO many solid points delivered just the way you want them :)
And in case you’re considering Evan McMullin, recognize that his alternative is not balanced. It’s a small part of an alternative-right movement. Gary Johnson is pulling about equally from both sides and actually has a shot of being in the debates (which is necessary to win public support) - Evan McMullin doesn’t, even if he may be as good a mortal being can become. The same goes for my Jill Stein-supporting friends. Not a balanced movement.”

If you are worried about throwing the election by voting Gary Johnson, Balanced Rebellion ensures that you don’t by finding a match on the other side. Now hesitant Trump-supporters and hesitant-Clinton supporters can agree to disagree constructively. Go to Balanced Rebellion and get paired with someone for the rebellion!

Update: Red State wrote This Hilarious (But Accurate) Ad For A Gary Johnson Vote Is The Best Political Ad Ever.

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