Rejecting Factory Model Education

Embracing Agrarian Models


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Below is my two-part Facebook post today inspired by a new viral video produced by a previous freelance client, Shareability.

Rejecting Factory Model Education

Part 1

It kills me to think it took me 19 years to find my passion in education. I look back and see plenty of examples, though, where I put all my left-over energy into interests outside of school but traditional schooling models impeded my education growing up more than anything else. (I must add that I’m deeply grateful for parents who gave me extraordinary experiences that made up for it in many ways.)

It’s so cool to see mainstream rejection of public education gain strength. Anyone knowledgable of and honest to themselves about the public schooling situation would acknowledge that private sector solutions are the only viable ones at this point. Repeated centralized ed reform attempts and failures have only convinced more people that, in actuality, there is nothing more threatening to our children’s learning potential than federal bureaucratic rule inside of our factory-model education.

Embracing Agrarian Models

Part 2

Agrarian models in child education, with strong mentorship, are the only ones with the potential to produce the results we want. An adequate education system will culminate in young adults - across the board - who understand themselves and are passionate about their discovered directions in life.

The best book I’ve read in a long time is Passion-Driven Education by Connor Boyack. It came out last month and I’ve already read it twice cover to cover. It details better than any other where public education came from, what its results have been, and proposes feasible home solutions for parents. You’ll see me referencing it more.

Homeschooling is evolving from its social stigmas. Now, nearly 4% of American kids are being homeschooled. We saw 10-20 years ago the American homeschooling population have 5-10% annual growth rates and we’re now seeing 10-15% annual growth. (Sources 1, 2.) This is a huge step in the right direction. Children know best. Parents help most.

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