Buskers and Band Members Up Close

Santiago, NJ, NYC, 2015 - 2016


Category: Culture

November, 2016 Facebook Post in Manhattan

“Check out this married couple who busk around New York full time. Thank you, Coyote & Crow. I’ve needed a new band to get hooked on for a while and am so glad to have run into you. They make a living not being on Spotify (but you can find their music from their Facebook page)…”

“The other pic of the pigeon man (see post) and video of the Japanese folk artist, YUZU, are other great finds of mine over the weeks walking through Washington Square Park.”

November, 2016 Post in Brooklyn

“Awesome to see the lead singer of our 5th - 7th grade band, Blame Canada, Dylan White play with the drummer of a couple bands I was in from 9th-11th grades, The Avengers and Lai Lai Lai, Joseph Bland, in New York tonight.
MELT‘s album and music video are to come out soon. Check out their latest single, though, Out of Line

September, 2016 Post in Jersey City

“Four of my seven years playing music in NJ overlapped with this guy. Congrats to Matt Gregory and Above the Moon for releasing their latest album on Spotify and iTunes. Here’s a sample solo of his from tonight.”

April, 2015 Post in Santiago

“I’ve seen buskers every day on the bus out here. I’ve enjoyed few as much as this as this one so I decided not to get off at my stop and take the long walk home. You’re invited to spend two minutes with me in Chile!”

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