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The Impact of James Allen’s Book

The book, “As a Man Thinketh,” is commonly acknowledged to have established the self help genre of literature most. Think of this short book to be pre-reading to other publications of its sort. The themes of the law of attraction and the responsibility assumption — codified a half century after the book was written — are revisited all the time by other authors. The great news for us is that the book is in the public domain — the text is free. It takes less than two hours to read at a reflective pace. Links are at the end.


I have read “As a Man Thinketh” about twenty times during the nine years I have known about it. It is almost like scripture to me — as it is to millions others. The problem has been that the available copies online have had awkward formatting, distracting ads, and overall unpleasant design inconsistent with the quality of the text. This last weekend I coded a simple copy that I think you will find gives the text justice. MasterOfThought.com. You can view the same copy of the book through AsAManThinketh.online, in case that URL is more memorable for you.

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