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Design Mentorship

At any given time I am mentoring a dozen designers. I have been since September, 2020. I am always optimizing my process to achieve the best possible career outcomes for them. I personally invest my time, attention, and network in my students. My one requirement is commitment to a routine. See my CareerFoundry case study about how I have continually improved my student learning outcomes. Here are my recommended calls for the designers I mentor:

Learning Path PlanningDiscuss career plans, explore career paths in UX, chart your path, and review resources.
Portfolio ReviewEngage in a real-time deep evaluation of your portfolio work, collect precision feedback.
Copy Work on FigmaGet proficient with the most popular UX tool and build a UI skillset.
Complete PromptTake today’s prompt on and design it together.
Review Your WorkDig into any design work, evaluate your approach and improve results.
Human Factors Deep DiveExplore the six minds of experience, laws of UX, cognitive biases, and other human factors.
Design Thinking Deep DiveExplore a variety of design techniques throughout the innovation process.
Co-Design Your AppCo-design the best solution for your users / increase “wow factor” of your portfolio.
Business RequirementsCreate a Business Model Canvas for my app.
Brand Strategy SessionUtilize a series of branding techniques to define the creative direction of your project.
UX ResearchProcess, techniques, analysis, presentation (exploratory, generative, OR evaluative)
Whiteboard ExerciseStart with an easy one OR complete one together. Move on to a medium or advanced later.
Design System CreationContaining an organized style guide, UI kit, and branding assets.

Three Types of Engagements

There are three forms of mentorship engagements I have with UX and product designers:

  1. Mentorship
  2. Apprenticeships
  3. Mentorship & part-time senior design augmentation for your team

Message me on LinkedIn to schedule a get to know you call to discuss the possibility of any one of these three types of engagements.

Design Mentorship

Whether you're looking to break into a product or UX career or level up your existing one, you have a couple options to consider for engaging with me:

  • CareerFoundry: If you feel the need for a self-directed, self-paced, and well-structured curriculum, consider being a CareerFoundry student under my mentorship. To have me as your mentor in your CareerFoundry course, you have to sign up through my referral link. Otherwise, I will not be able to accommodate you in my schedule.
  • Superpeer: If you're sufficiently self-motivated to pursue a custom learning path and need dedicated mentorship, feel free to book a call with me and I'd be happy to help you chart that custom course that will make most sense for your goals. My expectation is that you'll maintain a weekly call.

Design / Design Thinking Apprenticeship

If you need any of the following, we can plan a design apprenticeship that is most beneficial to you:

  • Stronger human factors mastery
  • Stronger design fundamentals mastery
  • Design facilitation know-how
  • UI design experience

Innovator.Studio is my side project. It is a resource to help innovators and designers of any context hone their craft and build their technique. It's a heavy content lift. If you are trying to address a gap in where you are today and where you need to be to accomplish your career goals, I can carve out a piece of this project to collaborate with you on. In the end, I will help you package your work into a case study article included in our contributions section. You can share this article featuring your contributions and learning outcomes to your portfolio or resume as a demonstration of the skills you could bring to any project.

I can commit to an unpaid weekly call with you on the ADPList platform so long as you are delivering on our apprenticeship plan.

Mentorship & Part-time Senior Design Augmentation

On multiple occasions, my design students' companies have hired me to help them level up their deliverables and fill a senior-level vacancy on their teams. This is what is included in these engagements:

  1. Weekly routine mentorship call: these are done over the Superpeer platform and can be entirely hands-on. I can I work with the designer in their Figma (or Sketch or Adobe XD) file. They usually shadow me as I unblock them in their tasks.
  2. Minimum of 10 hrs/ month of work outside of mentorship calls: this is to ensure that I get the deeper insights necessary to deliver maximal impact.

This how I charge for these engagements:

  • Monthly retainer accounting for 14 hours of work (weekly calls + 10 hrs of work)
  • Hourly-rate applied to all hours worked over those accounted for in the monthly retainer
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