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If You Want To Know What’s Going On, Stop Giving Hillary A Pass

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Full Disclosure

I voted for Gary Johnson. Take note, though, that I was 75% aligned with Bernie Sanders in my results while Donald Trump was dead last on the list (of 20 or so politicians at the time).

I did not vote for Donald Trump for a number of reasons. Let’s explore two for a moment: foreign policy — the policy for which presidents have greatest influence — and America’s criminal justice system — the policy currently acting as a severe threat to the fabric of society, particularly among minorities.

Foreign Policy: he shows signs of being the kind of nationalist authoritarian to take advantage of a distressed country similarly to the way we see throughout world history. He says things like killing the families of terrorists. Arm him with the largest military the world has ever seen to fight counter-productive wars with an unaccountable mercenary army, a public surveillance system for innocent civilians and foreigners that has only grown since the Snowden revelations, a secretive CIA, FBI, private court systems, a secret kill list, and drones that kill 9 unintended targets for every one that was intended and operated by people commanded to do things prone to drive them to severe depression for reasons they will be imprisoned for speaking up about… It adds up to the scariest scenario ever to happen to American foreign policy.

Justice System: picture this man having influence on our justice system. Like our wars, consider the similarly-counterproductive ever-costly prison system ruining people simply for choosing to consume the wrong substances. They’re counterproductive because they do not change behavior and they release people with a societal-readjustment barrier too great.

President Trump. How Did This Happen?

None of our information or polls led us to believe this would happen (not to mention by such a wide margin). Nothing looks the same anymore in America. It’s hard to recognize it…

The top reason overlooked by the college-educated liberal left shows that it wasn’t just about Trump. This is more about Hillary.

The large-scale bewilderment at the Trump presidency implies the belief that Hillary Clinton was significantly more qualified for the job. Might that not have actually been the case?


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