Product Owner/ UX Architect

Multiple Ventures, UX Lead

July, 2018 - Present

Connect Launch - Global, remote team based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Software product development.

Vocean - Based in Manhattan. Vocean is bridging the gap between institutional investment and the blockchain token economy by building an open ecosystem for crypto financial contracts - bonds, loans, derivatives, etc. Vocean is being incubated and funded by Bibox crypto exchange, a top ten exchange, and one of the most well-known crypto-investment funds from China, Node Capital.

Passion Education (Personal Research Project)

Nov. 2016 - Mar. 2017, Oct. 2018 - Present

PassionEducation.org is a specially-formatted wiki designed for parents to gain ideas about how to invoke a passion for learning within their children. History of the project:

Generative User Research (November, 2016)
InVision Prototype (January, 2017)
Announcement of Initial Design (February, 2017)
Design Pivot (October, 2018)
Home Page (Launched October, 2018)
Schooling is Ripe for a Parent Revolution (November, 2018)
Enabling Parents To Become Learning Coaches (January, 2019)

Daplie, Chief Product Officer

May, 2017 - May, 2018

The Daplie Connect is a home server which provides revolutionary privacy for both personal files and private information on the internet. Daplie has also entered the blockchain space with the DapCoin ecosystem which utilizes cryptoeconomics to supercharge the third party application community and roll out the decentralized web. Daplie raised close to $2 million.

Daplie Home Page

DapCoin Home Page

WordUp Games, Founder

April, 2014 - March, 2016

Online game for English learners including video chat conversation games and an overarching, animated story line. Players with differing native languages are paired to provide English immersion.

Home Page | YouTube Channel | Blog

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