Product Cocreation

Subscription-based UX Assistance

I work as a team with people who need UX assistance but do not have a full-time scope of work. Solving problems people experience is what drives me. If you are using consumer software to solve a problem people experience, I can help. You will see 100% commitment from me, but at the level of involvement that makes most sense for your team.

Maybe you know you need someone in a full-time UX role but don’t know how to choose the right one. I will diagnose your product and team, then help you understand more about the architecture and process of UX design in relation to you. With this mutual understanding I will be able to help you identify, interview, and select the right candidate - along the way pointing out positive and negative signs you might not be able to detect.

My Process

After researching and coming to thorough understanding of the problem and the people experiencing this problem, I frame questions optimally for innovating the correct solution. Then I facilitate the design of the product that meet user needs better than they can verbalize for themselves. I am best coupled with engineers and a visual designer, however I am personally capable of designing and developing the user interface layer of MVPs.

What you will gain with my help is:

  1. A scientific approach to design. This entails research, isolating and testing assumptions, and implementing validated solutions. We will make decisions as objectively as possible.
  2. A deliberately-designed user experience. We will establish a strategy and continually iterate with the product design until every thought and feeling a user has throughout their journey is deliberate.

These are my exercises for every phase of the UX process:

Getting Started

For $600 I’ll give you 10 hours. After which, we can determine what level of involvement is right for your team going forward.

If it takes a month to experiment on what the right level of my involvement is, great. But let’s define the right contribution level as soon as we can, set a monthly subscription rate, and then revisit the compensation conversation sparingly. Itemizing every service or discussing invoices for every compartmentalized “gig” will detract from the emotional investment from which best user experiences are designed from. We will work best with a cocreator relationship together invested in solving the same human problems - not a freelance relationship defined by invoices.

Contact Me

Contact me on Telegram or LinkedIn to discuss working together on a software product.