Product Owner and Designer

My product journey began at the top of my own startup and continued honing closer into design at progressively larger early-stage companies. I have one acquired product. Regardless of the role I play in one project or another, as a whole I am a creator. I solve problems using sound design principles. Now I’m looking for a Product Owner or Designer role in a more established organization.

Daplie, Chief Product Officer

Daplie raised close to $2 million and was later acquired by ClearFoundation in April, 2019.

The Daplie Connect is a home server which provides revolutionary privacy for both personal files and private information on the internet.

Daplie also entered the blockchain space with its own DapCoin ecosystem which utilized cryptoeconomics to supercharge the third party application community and roll out the decentralized web.

Learner Interests, Creator

This is my current side project. Learner Interests is designed for parents to help their kids explore subject matter surrounding their interests.


Sage, Head of Design

Transforming property and casualty insurance distribution with a next generation agency platform and super-charged agents front and center. See CoveredBySage.com. More information available upon request.


WordUp Games, Founder

Online game for English learners including video chat conversation games and an overarching, animated story line. Players with differing native languages are paired to provide English immersion. See the home page and blog.


JordanClive.com, Creator

This is the public repository of my articles and design work. It is a website I continually customize and maintain using technologies like Hexo, git, GitHub, LESS, HTML, MD, and EJS. See this design system I maintain for the concept visualizations found on the site.

Design article topics:
Cognitive Psychology, Innovation, Research, Strategy, UX Design

Design Certifications

As seen on my public profile page, I have earned the following certifications from the Interaction Design Foundation:

  • Design Thinking
  • Designing Analytics Dashboards
  • Gestalt Psychology and Web Design
  • Information Visualization
  • Product Adoption and Appropriation
  • UI Design Patterns
  • User Experience
  • User Research

How I Operate

My Principles

To understand how I contribute to teams I work with, here are my guiding principles for design leadership, leadership, product design, product strategy, user experience design, and user research.

My Tool Kit

Contact Me

Contact me on LinkedIn or Twitter to explore the possibility of working together.